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This blog is about breasts. It celebrates the beautiful diversity of breasts, of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages and races. By showing how all breasts are different, and uniquely special, we will be able to challenge the beliefs around what makes breasts beautiful. There is no single standard for breast beauty and all breasts are amazing. This blog aims to help people with breasts feel better about themselves, improve self-esteem, and show that they are normal.

This blog is inclusive of all cisgender women and trans* people with breasts, regardless of race, age or sexual preference.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes. Photo submissions showing nudity are to be from people 18+ only.

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In response to the anon who wonders why saggy breasts are seen so negatively, I cannot express how much I agree with you!!! I myself have never experienced have saggy breasts, but I don’t see how they are any less beautiful if they are saggy. This has never made sense to me. I have had friends complain to me that their breasts are saggy, but why should it be something to complain about?
Asker Anonymous Asks:
It's great to love your breasts how they are but don't discredit ppl who want surgery for their heavy, saggy, PAINFUL breasts.
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Okay so I thought I was the only one in the world who had inverted nipples. And I hated it. This blog has made me feel so confident! Love it!

I’m so pleased. You’re not alone. You’re in an exclusive group of the top 10% of amazing awesomeness. Inverted nipples are fucking outstanding! :)

10% might not sound very much, but worldwide that’s over 356,000,000 women/people with breasts. Or if you think of it this way, it’s equivalent to the entire populations of the USA and Canada combined having inverted nipples. How cool is that?


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why is having saggy breasts seen in such a negative way? There seems to be the idea that breasts have to be perky, well my breasts sag and I love them just the way they are. I hate how the media tell us we should look a certain way and if we dont then we can buy cream/products or surgery to achieve this, its just a money making scam by creating fear and feelings of inadequacy in us. I say love your saggy breasts and all your body exactly how it it! Sorry for the rant!
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
I just wanted to say, in regards to the 15 year old who asked about sagging breasts.. it might just have to do with puberty. Breasts are different when they are developing. And at 15, you're probably not done maturing yet. Breasts definitely go through different stages of growth (but it's different for everyone). So there is a chance they might fill out more or change shape. I'm pretty sure mine looked slightly odd when I was that age and they eventually filled out more.
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Email Submission: Hi Emma, I’m 18 and I really love what you’re doing with your blog. I have 32A or B breasts, but because they are asymmetric I have difficulty getting bras to fit. I also have one nipple much larger than the other and they are both puffy. I like the smaller one. I’m not sure how I feel about the larger one on the right. Sometimes I’m ok with it but sometimes I hate it. I also have stretch marks which are more noticeable than in this photo. And they are kind of tuberous and I’ve been thinking of seeing a doctor about them.

I sound as though I hate them, and I struggle sometimes. But after following your blog for a year and even though I have never seen anyone with breasts like mine here, I am much happier about them and learning to love them.

I am unique and beautiful and I now know we all have flaws. I don’t care cos we are all normal. I’m trying to feel more positively about them. Thanks to you and all the other submitters here. Thank you!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm only 15 (my birthday was last week), and I already have saggy breasts. I'm only about a 36b/c and they hang down pretty low. My nipples point to the ground almost. Is it normal to have saggy breasts like this at my age?
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

I recently ran a survey into breast appearance. Respondents were asked to say whether they felt their breasts looked saggy.

47% of 15 year olds said they did (17% completely agreed, 17% somewhat agreed, and 13% slightly agreed). Compare that to respondents of all ages where 52.5% said they had saggy breasts (21.6% completely agreed, 16.1% somewhat agreed, and 14.8% slightly agreed).

Around 7% of 15 year olds described their breasts as having nipples that pointed downwards, and 13.5% of all ages said they did too.

I know it might be hard to accept, or even like your breasts, but you’re pretty normal.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi, i was wondering, is it fairly common to have some darker hairs around the areola? i'm 19 and i have read that it can happen during puberty or hormonal changes and can go away or lessen out as you get older and your hormones calm down, but i am pretty self conscious about it. is this something you think i should worry about?
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

It’s very common and you have nothing to worry about.

From my recent survey into breast appearance, which had predominantly Caucasian (white) respondents 49.1% respondents said they had dark hair on their areolae (44.1% some, 5% many). This applies across all ages groups, with roughly half of all people with breasts having dark hairs. Over 25s are more likely to say they have many dark hairs (8%) which would suggest that they increase as you age.

People from other racial backgrounds (east Asian, middle eastern, Mediterranean, south Asian/Indian, black African, South American, Latin etc) were more likely to have dark hair on their areolae, at 69%. Around 57% had some. Around 12% had many. The number of respondents was too small though to be sure about the statistics, but it is indicative and from my own experience, my own hairy areolae, and with Italian family and Mediterranean and middle eastern friends I believe that those figures would be fairly sound.

A significant proportion of people feel embarrassment about them, and will often shave or pluck them out. But considering that over half of women have them, surely it’s the norm and nothing to worry about. Keep them, pluck them, that’s up to you, but there’s no reason to feel self-conscious about having them. You’re normal.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
my left boob is a 32d/32dd and my right boob is a 32b/c, is that normal? it seems like most girls have pretty symmetrical boobs so it makes me self-conscious oh and btw Im 16, and they're still growing! they always feel rlly heavy and sensitive + i honestly hope they will get huge (dont judge me, i want enormous tits) + more symmetrical! i dont think its really noticeable because I always stuff the right side of my bra? I used to be bulimic also so that's maybe why they're so uneven?
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Breast asymmetry is the norm, and it’s not at all unusual to have breast asymmetry of a cup size. It’s more of a pain in the neck getting bras to fit, and what you’re already doing is all I’d suggest. 

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To the 16 year old 34DDD anon (original post here), I have an experience much like yours. I’m 17 with 30FF breasts (sister sizes, woot woot!).

People would always comment inappropriately on my breast size, even when I was 11 or 12, and it just kept getting worse as my breasts grew. Eventually I was getting sexually harassed in high school. Eventually, I got very fed up, and started standing up for myself. I would call people out on their behaviour and they would just feel too awkward to continue.

I love my breasts and refuse to let uneducated people make me feel bad or their size or how they look. I suggest standing up for yourself. Tell these people their comments are rude, unwanted and perverse. They will be too embarrassed to continue. If the offense repeats, let someone you trust know, or an authority figure to aid you with it. Don’t let people make you feel bad about your body. I know it’s tough, but trust me, the positive outcomes are worth it. I wish you the best of luck!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi! I'm 16, and sit at a firm 34 DDD. I want nothing more than to get my breasts reduced because of the sexual comments I constantly receive from people. I'm happy with how they look, but the negative attention has sent me into a downward spiral emotionally. What should I do? Thank you for the positive atmosphere you've created!
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

That really sux that breasts have been so over-sexualised, especially for teenagers like yourself. Why shouldn’t you be able to just be yourself without having worry about what inappropriate fuckwits say? You’re far more complex, smart, wonderful and valuable than just a pair of tits and a pussy on legs.

Look this is a really hard one. I haven’t been in this exact situation so it’s hard for me to give sensible experience-based advice. I’d like to be able to advise you to just say “fuck them!” and don’t change who you are, what you wear, where you go, and to know that their comments are their problem and not yours. The reality is that it’s probably a bit harder than that to put into practice.

Stopping people, by saying that their comments are inappropriate and unwanted harassment isn’t going to be easy and you need dig deep inside to have the strength to stand up for yourself. But you will need to do that. If you’re able to, I would definitely recommend that you talk to a counsellor or psychologist who specialises in teen/youth problems about your emotional state. “Downward spiral” sounds serious and you should try to stop that before it causes real problems.

If there are certain situations or places where this is more likely to happen, or if there are people or types of people in your life, social media etc who are more prone say these sorts of things, then avoid them. You shouldn’t have to hide, and I’m not saying you should, but maybe a strategic “retreat” could help until you’re emotionally ready to fight them.

Please talk to a professional about this, ok?


Do any other readers have first-hand experience and much better advice than mine?

Email Submission: Here are my girls. I am a size 32A. They are black South African, but not twins. After my first child who breastfed, their asymmetry was much clearer than my earlier perkier years.

To be honest I do sometimes think of breast implants, because I don’t really like how low my left breast sags.

Just like my labia, my husband loves my girls the way they are and I do get sexually stimulated if they are touched in particular ways by him. I guess that means that they still do their job and I shouldn’t worry, because it’s just my husband that sees me naked and bras are comfortable to wear. 

Asker lemonsdaily Asks:
there was a girl with 36c breats, spread and such? Try first yes the fitting, and if you were in my store I might have you try plunge, demi, or t-shirt bras. Plunge cut tends to have more padding, but it does push in, so it can more center you. the shape of a demi cup is good for bringing the girls in and up, but can be less padding than a plunge. t-shirt bras are cotton, lightly lined, and mostly just good support, no fuss bras. Try those cuts, and others, to see what you like best. good luck!
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said: