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This blog is by people with breasts, for people with breasts. This blog is inclusive of all people with breasts, regardless of gender. It celebrates the beautiful diversity of breasts, of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages and races. Breasts are such an important and integral part of what makes us feel beautiful and sexual. By showing how all breasts are different, and uniquely special, we will be able to challenge the beliefs around what makes breasts beautiful. There is no single standard for breast beauty! By sharing photos we are demonstrating how every breast is different, and in turn, we will be able to help people with breasts feel better about themselves, improve self-esteem, and show that yes, you are normal.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes. Photo submissions showing nudity are to be from people 18+ only.

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Email Submission: Hi Emma, I absolutely love what you do for your followers and have finally gained enough courage to submit. I’ve always been self conscious of my breasts since they first started growing. I’m 18 now and after getting them pierced I gained a  tiny bit of confidence. My areolas & “gum drop nipples” bother me the most - even more than the fact that they are obviously asymmetrical. My biggest insecurity is the difference in my areola size when my nipples are erect vs not - they look swollen at take up my entire breast. Hopefully one day I will have confidence in them until then fake it til I make it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Im a 16 y/o 5'7" girl. I got fitted at VS and they told me 32D. But i cant find that bra size ANYWHERE but at victorias secret. Also i have extremely dark hair. It grows in awkward places like around my nipples and my stomach. Its so embarrassing...
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Email Submission: Dear Emma, This is my body. I’ve enclosed both pictures of my labia and my breasts.

It has been hard for me to be confident in naked body because of my imperfections. My breasts are lopsided and actually completely dissimilar. My nipples are different sizes, shapes and colors. I am a size 34-36 B. I wish I had beautiful, even breasts. I feel like I would be much more open to letting people see them if I did.

Although I no longer have crippling self esteem issues about my body, my labia and breasts are still a source of anxiety for me in the bedroom. I like to have the lights off.

Anyway thank you so much for all you do. I am very, very nervous about doing this but excited as well. This has been a therapeutic experience for me.

Anonymous Submission: These are my breasts. I apologize for cropping but I have tattoos that I did not want seen.

I have been overweight all my teen/adult life, causing me to have less than perky breasts. I have always been self-conscious about them. I am currently seriously trying to lose weight and am scared they will just become loose skin and be even more saggy. I know there are loose skin removal and breast lift surgeries but that will most likely leave even more scars than I have now (stretchmarks). Also, I have large pores/black heads all over my chest which makes it that much worse for me. I just want attractive breasts. I am 23 years old and have never ever taken my shirt off in front of a man. I am extremely jealous of women who naturally have perky yet large breasts with smooth round nipples/areolas. I’m trying not to compare myself though and also trying to love myself.

Anonymous Submission:  Here is my 3rd submission of my tiny breasts. 19 years old.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
My left boob is way bigger than my right boob and I hate how really uneven they are :(
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't think it's fair of you to post pictures of "perfect breast" I'll scroll through looking at pictures and start feeling better and then wam! Perfect perk DD's and I feel horrible all over again I get that your trying to show that all bodies are beautiful but since we are already so bombarded with images of perfect body's in the media maybe your blog is NOT the place for these images. I mean I've considered unfollowing because of this issue. I come here to feel better not worse :(
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Follow or unfollow, that’s your prerogative, though it’s unfortunate that you feel that way.

This blog is for all breasts, regardless of size, shape, colour, age, gender or race.

The idea of me sitting in judgement and determining whether these breasts are “in”, and those breasts are “out”, because they do or don’t conform to some arbitrary notion of beauty or perfection, would be grossly unfair and totally against what this blog is about.

Your reaction is all about you, your self-image, and your distorted beliefs about what constitutes beauty or perfection. You do everyone here an injustice by thinking that unless they have 36DD breasts then theirs aren’t perfect. Who am I, and who are you to sit in judgement and dictate standards of perfection? I know I’m not qualified to do it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
To what email address are we supposed to submit to?
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Everything you need to know about submitting is here http://ourbreasts.org/submit

Email Submission: Hi, I’m 22 years old and I am expecting (about 6 weeks pregnant). I have a love/hate relationship with my breasts. When I was younger, they got me into a lot of trouble with the opposite sex. Now I have learned to love them and I cannot wait to breast feed!

Email Submission: I’m 28. I normally wear a 34DD. I’m pregnant so they have expanded, my current bra is 36E. My right nipple is funny shaped. My mom has one that is the same and says her grandmother did too.

Asker mildrado Asks:
I've noticed a lot of girls asking about why their boobs look smaller than others with their cup, one reason could be that they have different shapes, but also keep in kind that when measuring the way to determine cup size is the difference between band measurement and chest measurement. Meaning the bigger difference between inches between where the band goes and your chest the bigger cup size you are. So a thin girl with a D might have smaller boobs than a bigger girl with a D.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm a 32 c and granted I'm only 17 and have prayed for bigger boobs since I was in 6th grade, I don't think they'll get any bigger. it's hard bc people make comments about my body(which I think is uncalled for) all the time especially FAMILY. I'm naturally slim but I honestly don't think I'm too skinny...I'm 5'6 and I range from 120-130 lbs. it just makes me so angry and it's so hard to accept myself with people constantly scrutinizing me. i love what your blog promotes and I hope it helps me.
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