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This blog is by people with breasts, for people with breasts. This blog is inclusive of all people with breasts, regardless of gender. It celebrates the beautiful diversity of breasts, of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages and races. Breasts are such an important and integral part of what makes us feel beautiful and sexual. By showing how all breasts are different, and uniquely special, we will be able to challenge the beliefs around what makes breasts beautiful. There is no single standard for breast beauty! By sharing photos we are demonstrating how every breast is different, and in turn, we will be able to help people with breasts feel better about themselves, improve self-esteem, and show that yes, you are normal.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes. Photo submissions showing nudity are to be from people 18+ only.

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Asker comeoutwet Asks:
To the girl with itchy breasts: try using a fairly heavy moisturizing lotion.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
17f with 36D, the skin below and between my breasts gets extremely irritated and is noticeably darker. I exfoliate and scrub, but it simply gets raw and itchy. it just makes me feel so self conscious and dirty and I don't know how to fix it.
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Email Submission: “I’m 18 and I’d love for you to feature my breasts on your blog. I’m often insecure over their size as I’ve been a 32 DD since 15 though that’s very difficult to find so I usually wear 34 DD which is still hard to come across.”

Email Submission: “Cis-female, 18, I don’t wear a bra but when I measure I’m like 34D-DD.

Here are my breasts! I like them. I do think they are more pretty when the nipples are erected, mostly when I wear shirts I think its pretty when the nipples show. But I’m starting to like my poofy nipples/areolas more and more. I am satisfied with the size, I like how they are big enough to fit nicely in my hands but also small enough so that I do not have to wear a bra. i also have a lot of moles, but i like them because they remind me of stars on the night sky. I have a few silver stretch marks but they are not very visible. Sometimes my veins are very visible, I do not like that but I know that it is common. My biggest insecurity is that I often get pimples in between my breasts, and they have left some scars. I usually get them before my period.

I love this blog! keep up the amazing work <3 “

Email Submission: “Hello I’m 21 and from Canada. I love the work you are doing and would love to participate by sharing. Both photos are taken while 21, after having a child and breast feeding. My bra size is 36H”

Email Submission: “I love my boobs! I’m 20 and wear 40 D/DD. I used to be very insecure about them, but once I was around 17, I learned to embrace them. The only thing I still am very embarrassed about is that I get patchy red scabs around my areola. I don’t know why, but I just remember always having them. My right breast is slightly larger than my left along with having a wider areola. I’m also a plus size woman at size 16/18, so I’m very pleased with my breasts being proportional to my body. They have made me more confident, and I absolutely adore them. I’m a virgin, and can’t wait to be able to share them with a man one day. Love this site!”

Email Submission: “Hiya I just came across your site and thought it’s such a great idea to promote body positivity. I’m 19 and am a D cup, though I don’t know my exact size anymore due to always using sports bras. I think the bigger one may be the D and the smaller one may be a C, or that’s at least how the jokes have played me into believing. I feel so negatively about my breasts; the size difference, the shape, the huge areolas, the little sparse hairs that grow, and I constantly pick at the skin on my breasts out of nervous habit so I get little scabs on it. The only reasons I haven’t gone to a doctor to see how to fix it are the fact that I don’t want to lose the sensation I was blessed with and I’m afraid of my family’s cancer history somehow needling in. So I just have to find a way to not hate them and I saw how wonderful your site was and I thought maybe just opening up about them somewhat anonymously would help.”

Asker kokkinomalli Asks:
Hi, adding on to the stretch mark/scars comment: I have a number of hypertrophic scars on my legs (and stretch marks!) and my doctor recommended a silicone based ointment to help reduce the appearance of them. Its fairly expensive, but it has worked better for me than the vitamin E creams. I guess it comes down to how self conscious you are about stretch marks.
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I’m painfully insecure about my boobs and they are the bane of my existence. They’re too small on my chubby frame. I also have unnaturally large areolae and nipples that aren’t always puffy. I know all boobs are unique but I can’t even look at mine. They’re ugly and small and make me feel ugly and not feminine. They’re the reason I’ve never felt beautiful. I want implants but don’t have the money or desire. I hate that I’m fat everywhere else. Sorry for the rant but I hate my small boobs! :(

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hey there, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love your blog! Unfortunately, I'm only 16, so I cant post, but it's been really helpful visiting your site! Can I access the answers other people have given in the survey? I'd love to compare them to the answers I gave?
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Hi, I’m really glad that you’re finding my blog to be helpful :)

When the survey is complete and I’ve put the findings together I’ll be publishing it here for everyone to see. If you left your contact email at the end if the survey I will send it directly to you.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
i have almost more then 2 cup size difference in my boobs and depresses me everyday i hate looking in the mirror
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:
I saw an ask on your page about stretch marks. I have a scar on my hand and was told to use vitamin E oil (I got mine pretty cheaply from my local chemist) to soften the skin and reduce the appearance of the scar - it worked very well, the scar is hardly visible now. It said on the bottle that it can be used on stretch marks, too, so that may be worth a try. If nothing else, it makes the skin lovely and soft, but hopefully it will help those who want to reduce their stretch marks.
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

HI! I was going to submit a photo but I realized I’m only 16 and can’t. I haven’t been sized in a while because I mainly wear sports bras but the last time I was sized I was somewhere around a 34D? My boobs are one of my favorite parts of my body even though I’m not too fond of the quite dark stretch marks covering them. They’re just so much fun to play with and jiggle around. I also didn’t even realize i had “puffy nipples” until looking at your blog all night. I think the puffiness is one of the cutest parts about my boobs though, glad I have a name for it now.

I used to be very self conscious about my boobs because I had “mosquito bites”, as my at the time best friend called them in front of a large group of people, while my friends had C and D cups. When they did develop they jumped from completely flat to a C cup in less than a year.

I just wanted to say your blog is great and keep doing what you’re doing because I know I’ve learned about my boobs just from reading your blog and I’m sure many other teen girls will too.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
so as i see a lot of ladies here with uneven boobs, i have a question for them. im too uneven (significantly uneven) and i only wear non-wired softcup bras mostly because they're cheaper and i don't need much support as im 32D. but the problem is, if the cup fits the larger boob, at the smaller side the shape gets pointy and does look awkward a lot, how do you guys solve this? should i buy bras that fit the smaller one? but then the bigger one will have to squeeze itself, help!!
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

It’s best to buy bras to fit the larger breast, and use the padding from a padded bra, or a chicken fillet to fill out the smaller one.

There used to be an online store which sold bras with custom up sizes but just checking and they are no longer doing that. There’s a big need for it, but I guess it’s hard to make it profitable.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm 15 and I'm a 34 a. I wear a push up bra to look normal but when I'm with a guy and he takes my bra off I get really insecure and feel like they're disappointed. They are also a bit more triangular. Is that normal? Also around my nipple there is dots like when hair comes out of. I have a few hair around and it makes me self contentious is that normal?
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Sigh….I know what really bad things I was doing at 15, which makes me cringe when I read things like this. My first bit of advice is to keep your bra on for a while longer. But I know that’s not going to happen. So then, when you do take your bra off, please know that the guys you’re showing them to are just as inexperienced and immature, so their responses may vary greatly. The thing about push up bras is that they do change the shape of the breast, often make them look bigger or give the appearance of sitting higher on the chest. Which is great if you like that kind of thing, but it’s kind of pretending you’re different to how you really are. Body appearance shouldn’t be important in a caring relationship. But if you’re just casually hooking up then it’s going to be very much about appearance, so bear that in mind.

Wearing push up bras means you’re buying into the whole bigger boobs are better bullshit. They aren’t. No boobs are better. Every breast size is perfect. A cup breasts are awesome. So are bigger ones. There is no “better”. There is only “different”. I know that kind of talk is against the overwhelming media and societal message that big boobs are more attractive, more desirable, more normal etc blah. But when you pare down those messages in advertising, fashion, media, cosmetic surgeons etc, it’s all about money and manipulating womens’ views about their bodies and their self-esteem for profit. It’s disgusting.

If you want to wear a bra, then why not wear one that fits well, accentuates your natural curves, is comfortable, and doesn’t pretend that you’ve got a body shape that you haven’t. What’s wrong with just being you?

Breasts do come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by triangular, but I doubt it’s anything other than normal. Also the dots and hairs are nothing to be self-conscious about. Hairs on your areolae are very common, and the bumps/dots could be the hair follicles or your Montgomery Glands. All normal :)