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This blog is about breasts. It celebrates the beautiful diversity of breasts, of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages and races. By showing how all breasts are different, and uniquely special, we will be able to challenge the beliefs around what makes breasts beautiful. There is no single standard for breast beauty and all breasts are amazing. This blog aims to help people with breasts feel better about themselves, improve self-esteem, and show that they are normal.

This blog is inclusive of all cisgender women and trans* people with breasts, regardless of race, age or sexual preference.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes. Photo submissions showing nudity are to be from people 18+ only.

WARNING: If you have a blog that mainly contains and reblogs porn, DO NOT FOLLOW this blog and DO NOT REBLOG any posts from it. Otherwise you will be blocked and reported for harassment.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't think it's fair of you to post pictures of "perfect breast" I'll scroll through looking at pictures and start feeling better and then wam! Perfect perk DD's and I feel horrible all over again I get that your trying to show that all bodies are beautiful but since we are already so bombarded with images of perfect body's in the media maybe your blog is NOT the place for these images. I mean I've considered unfollowing because of this issue. I come here to feel better not worse :(
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Follow or unfollow, that’s your prerogative, though it’s unfortunate that you feel that way.

This blog is for all breasts, regardless of size, shape, colour, age, gender or race.

The idea of me sitting in judgement and determining whether these breasts are “in”, and those breasts are “out”, because they do or don’t conform to some arbitrary notion of beauty or perfection, would be grossly unfair and totally against what this blog is about.

Your reaction is all about you, your self-image, and your distorted beliefs about what constitutes beauty or perfection. You do everyone here an injustice by thinking that unless they have 36DD breasts then theirs aren’t perfect. Who am I, and who are you to sit in judgement and dictate standards of perfection? I know I’m not qualified to do it.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
To what email address are we supposed to submit to?
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Everything you need to know about submitting is here http://ourbreasts.org/submit

Email Submission: Hi, I’m 22 years old and I am expecting (about 6 weeks pregnant). I have a love/hate relationship with my breasts. When I was younger, they got me into a lot of trouble with the opposite sex. Now I have learned to love them and I cannot wait to breast feed!

Email Submission: I’m 28. I normally wear a 34DD. I’m pregnant so they have expanded, my current bra is 36E. My right nipple is funny shaped. My mom has one that is the same and says her grandmother did too.

Asker mildrado Asks:
I've noticed a lot of girls asking about why their boobs look smaller than others with their cup, one reason could be that they have different shapes, but also keep in kind that when measuring the way to determine cup size is the difference between band measurement and chest measurement. Meaning the bigger difference between inches between where the band goes and your chest the bigger cup size you are. So a thin girl with a D might have smaller boobs than a bigger girl with a D.
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:
Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm a 32 c and granted I'm only 17 and have prayed for bigger boobs since I was in 6th grade, I don't think they'll get any bigger. it's hard bc people make comments about my body(which I think is uncalled for) all the time especially FAMILY. I'm naturally slim but I honestly don't think I'm too skinny...I'm 5'6 and I range from 120-130 lbs. it just makes me so angry and it's so hard to accept myself with people constantly scrutinizing me. i love what your blog promotes and I hope it helps me.
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Email Submission: I believe I am a 34B and I am 19 years old. Since I was 16 I’ve hated my boobs. I would take naked photos and I realized my left breast was higher than right. I believe it’s because of the what I call it (third nipple/boob) that’s under my left breast in the first photo. I’ve always felt like there was a perfect picture in my head for perfect boobs.

I lost my virginity to my boyfriend when I was 16 and I was always embarrassed to take off my bra or shirt during sex. He always told me he loves them, till this day he says he does and I’ve been better about being topless but I am still so insecure about them.

Since I was 16 I’ve been losing and gaining weight (trying) anywhere from 10-20 lbs ill lose and gain and I feel like my boobs has sagged because of it. You can see my stretch marks and I hate it. I wish they were up and perky and the same size but I know I’m going to have accept my breast for how they look.

I’ve been trying to figure out why my nipples don’t come out because I think its so beautiful with boobs nips! My friends always talk about them nipping and they hate it and I wish I could nip lol! OK I recently found out I have inverted nipples and that I’m not the only one thanks to this blog! I’ve always felt like I couldn’t get my nipples pierced and maybe I can. If any of you girls know if inverted nipples can be pierced please let me know, also if you can tell me what my (third nipple/boob) is under my left breast please let me know also!

Don’t worry, your breasts are beautiful and far more normal than you think.

"Third nipples" (supernumerary nipples) are pretty common. So are inverted nipples. Inverted nipples can be pierced, and it’s sometimes used, with a bar, to more hold the nipples out.

Here is some information about “third nipples" and inverted nipples.


Asker Anonymous Asks:
Can you be a 34b but your boobs look small? Because I'm 16 and I'm a 34b but I've seen other girls who are my size and their boobs are huge I think I'm wearing the wrong sizes but I'm scared to ask the ladies a Victoria secret to measure my boobs...
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:

Here are the submissions that have been tagged 34B so you can see the variety in sizes and shapes. Bear in mind that bra sizing varies from country to country, and sizes can also be different from brand to brand. And only 20% of people with breasts are wearing the correct sized bra, so just because the picture says 34B it doesn’t mean the bra actually fits.

In any case, who cares what other people’s breast size or bra size is? The only thing that matters is that your breasts are amazing as they are, and the only important thing about your bra size is that if you’re wearing a bra that fits comfortably and provides the right sort of support. 

Don’t worry about getting professionally fitted. With an experienced fitter you don’t need to be topless and generally they can tell with either your current bra on or even with your shirt on. And not much touching is needed. There’s nothing to be scared of. I’d rely on someone at a larger department store with a lingerie section, or a boutique, instead of somewhere like Victoria’s Secret where I’m led to believe the training and experience isn’t as good or reliable.


Submission: 19, 32A, UK size 8/10. This is me at my lowest weight but I really like my boobs in this picture. I used to pray for bigger ones but I’ve realized that although they aren’t my ideal cup size, they are ideal for my body and I really love them now.

Hi all, Amy here, 22 yo UK based. Finally have the guts to share my hard work with this community, I have been working out for the past two years just to have my boobies in shape I wanted, and I’m happy with the results for sure. Cheers!

Asker yes-sexmeup Asks:
I was also told by a co-worker once I needed to wear more padding in my bras because of the nipple issue. I love it now. Do what ever you feel most comfortable doing.
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said:
Asker fereyuormnid Asks:
I think it's cute when my nipples show through my shirt. Learn to love your body. <3
ourbreasts ourbreasts Said: