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This blog is by people with breasts, for people with breasts. This blog is inclusive of all people with breasts, regardless of gender. It celebrates the beautiful diversity of breasts, of all sizes, shapes, colours, ages and races. Breasts are such an important and integral part of what makes us feel beautiful and sexual. By showing how all breasts are different, and uniquely special, we will be able to challenge the beliefs around what makes breasts beautiful. There is no single standard for breast beauty! By sharing photos we are demonstrating how every breast is different, and in turn, we will be able to help people with breasts feel better about themselves, improve self-esteem, and show that yes, you are normal.

NOTE: This blog shows photos depicting nudity in a non-sexual setting, and contains written content with adult themes. Photo submissions showing nudity are to be from people 18+ only.

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Submission: “I recently turned 16, I’m a 36C cup and I’m perfectly okay with the size of my breasts. However, I hate how they look. They’re very odd-looking from profile view and it’s something I’ve been struggling since a couple years. If I look at myself in the mirror topless I’m kind of sastified with how they look, but if I turn around, they look weird. I have big areoles and it makes them look tubular. They’re aren’t round from profile view. I though it would get better by the time I’m 15 but no. Help me.”

Thanks for writing in. Ok, it sounds to me that you have what’s colloquially known as “puffy nipples”. I’m guessing they look something like this:



They are certainly not rare, and are just another variation in breast appearance.

If you’ve been Googling this (I guess you have as you said “tubular”) you’d have seen cosmetic surgeon’s websites and forums. Don’t listen to them. They use terms like “herniated areolas”, “constricted/tuberous breast anomalies”, and pejorative words like “deformity”, “abnormality” and “correction”. But remember, these surgeons are running a business, with the objective of making money. They do that by convincing normal women that they have a physical problem that needs to be “fixed”. Of course it’s not in their best interests to say that you’re normal and there’s nothing wrong. They play on girls’ insecurities, destroy self-esteem, so they can con you into paying to have your body corrected which will solve all your problems. That’s reprehensible. So if you’re ever inclined to look at those sites, always keep in mind that the words and photos they use are designed to put your money in their wallets.

If you’ve got puffy nipples then you’re really lucky in my opinion. Many, many millions of people think puffy nipples are like pure gold. If you Google “puffy nipples” you’ll see just how popular they are. And before you say they aren’t in porn, I can guarantee you that they are! A few popular porn model and actress names come to mind immediately: Blue Angel (the bottom picture I added above), Koika, Mischa (from MPL), Faye Reagan, and there are many, many more.

So look, if I were you I’d be cheering and not worrying at all. Your breasts are beautiful, unique, and very sexy. Guys will adore them, and they’ll serve you well through your life, visually, sexually and if one day you nurse a baby. Cheer up, you’re awesome!


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